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Why choose JOESCO welded wire gabion mesh?
2017-12-06 17:15:26

1. The welding stone cage net surface is smooth and neat, uniform mesh, solder joint is firm, has a strong robustness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity, etc.

2. Joesco Wire gabion network low cost, easy to install, is the ideal choice of the garden decoration, slope protection afforestation.

3. There is a strong withstand natural damage and ability to resist the influence of bad weather.

4. Very good tensile ability.

5. Wire gabion network installation fast and convenient and simple structure and beautiful, save work time saving, high work efficiency.

6. Wire gabion network installation working hours than hexagon stone cage net save 40%.Compared with hexagonal wire gabion mesh, welded wire gabion mesh can better maintain the "cage" : when the filler filled, welded wire gabion mesh panel convex concave, keep flat, not like a hexagon stone cage net, so I can better and other stone cage net connection or wall to form a whole.

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