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Which JOESCO Bastion
2017-08-29 17:40:31

Hebei JOESCO specializing in the production of fence, blast walls, mainly used in the modern war or flood control, complete with geotextile, can ensure that filling stones or sand is solid, thus forming a solid walls.

In the past, to build a military fortress, it takes several months, or even years.But using JOESCO blast walls of this new technology, army of any country all can quickly deploy their military camps, almost in a few days will make a strong barracks, and the facilities.

JOESCO Bastion of using material including galvanized steel mesh and the internal polypropylene, it is usually to make state grid, internal padding for soil, sand and gravel can even be construction waste, etc., the advantages of explosion-proof walls to improvise, for rapid deployment of military facilities provides the advantage of congenital conditions.

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