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What is a multipurpose JOESCO Bastion?
2017-11-09 17:28:16

JOESCO Bastion by high corrosion, high strength, has the ductility of low carbon steel wire welding machine weaving, produced by using the net box structure is explosion-proof net basket.According to the ASTM and EN standards, the use of low carbon steel wire diameter and different according to the engineering requirement.Generally between 4.0 5.0 mm, blast wall steel wire of the tensile strength of not less than 38 kg/m2, metal coating weight is generally higher than 245 g/m2, blast wall edge of the mesh line in diameter should be equal to the cable diameter.

Blast walls can be used in the slope support, foundation pit supporting, mountain rockface net-suspended spray, explosion-proof dangerous goods, the flood control wall, river flood control and flood dike, live-action CS defensive wall, wall sandbags armor.

Explosion-proof area, slope vegetative guarding block (green), railway highway isolation, it can also make luggage, gauze pad, used in rivers, DAMS and scour prevention of seawall protection, reservoir, river closure with a box.Is the most serious disasters river water scouring the bank make its damage, caused by the flood, leads to a lot of losses of lives and property and a large number of soil and water loss.So when in dealing with these problems, the application of the structure of the ecological grid becomes one of the best solution, it can make the river Banks of the river to receive permanent protection.

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