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What does it include?
2019-05-18 14:59:13

Flood season approaching how to prepare flood control materials, what should be prepared?

1. Flood control materials mainly involve flood control and emergency materials,which is the abbreviation of flood control and emergency materials mainly including two categories: flood control and emergency tools and equipment and flood control equipment and materials.

2. Flood control tools and materials for flood control equipment, including:

(1) special rescue equipment: stone ripper,piling machine;

(2) transport equipment: tractors,dump trucks,automobiles and barges;

(3) mechanical equipment: bulldozer,scraper,excavator,loader,compaction machinery;

(4) lighting equipment: emergency hand-held light,diesel generator set,gasoline generator;

(5) communication system: inmarsat system,life-saving equipment,non-inflatable life jacket,inflatable life jacket,automatic drowning lifejacket,water safety belt,fiberglass lifeboat;

(6) sand and stone: sand,gravel,stone,stone;

(7) blocking equipment: sandbag,flood control wall;

(8) geosynthetic materials: 4 categories of geotextiles,geotextiles and geotextiles composite materials and geotextiles special materials.

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