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What are the advantages of JOESCO Bastion
2018-09-03 14:51:43

  JOESCO Bastion itself USES high quality mild steel wire welding and galvanizing process to prevent rust. In addition, it is packed with high quality geotextiles for final assembly and folding.Blast wall has the ability to resist blast shock wave, which can limit the damage of explosion to a certain range, and can be used as military equipment.The blast wall can be used in the temporary fortresses, fortresses and prewar headquarters of the army to prevent the attack effectively and effectively reduce the casualties of soldiers and personnel.The blast wall manufactured by JOESCO has the following advantages:

1. Explosion-proof: JOESCO's explosion-proof wall is made of durable steel and has excellent explosion-proof performance. It has passed many international and domestic tests and certification.

2.JOESCO manufacturer's explosion-proof wall is easy to install and has more structural advantages compared with traditional methods, which can effectively reduce installation costs.

3. The explosion-proof wall has flexible structure and can handle the crossing of pipelines and cables.

4. The light composite board explosion-proof wall dry work is quick and simple.

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