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The Metal Gabion Box
2017-06-17 16:00:20

    Metal Gabion Box with spiral bound the weld shape before and after the panel,floor clapboard assembled after compression,and the net cover packaging of loading stones with wire cages.

    Mainly used in water conservancy project construction, make luggage,gauze pad used in rivers,DAMS and scour prevention of seawall protection be or get out of danger,and the reservoir reinforcement,control and guide the river floods,safeguard river flood safety, solve the flood (JOESCO Bastion),resulting in large losses of life and property and a large number of soil and water loss.Stone cage net at the same time of strengthening effect can also improve the river environment,restore the natural ecological environment,to achieve the combination of ecological revetment reuse.Can also be used to park landscape retaining wall, foundation pit supporting,etc.

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