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Sit and watch a wave of flood control artifacts hit
2018-07-31 17:07:03

All departments and units in flood season have prepared such "life - saving devices" as flood prevention and explosion - proof.Such as sandbags, flood barriers, flood walls, etc.Among them, JOESCO flood control wall resolutely stuck to the first post after the baptism of flood, and also stood out from many flood control equipment, which was favored by the people and the army.

JOESCO flood control wall is a kind of easy to transport and fold packaging, highly mobile, easy to install, outstanding effect, and conducive to recovery of flood control and explosion protection products.Not only does it flood water, but it can also be used in the military to prevent explosions.Different from the traditional stone cage net (stone basket), it can hold not only rocks, but even finer sediment. The filling materials can be used locally, especially in the lower reaches of rivers or seashore where there is no stone material.With the help of advanced tools such as excavators and forklifts, the installation efficiency is dozens or even hundreds of times that of traditional sandbags.

Installation steps: 1. Open the package; 2.2. Pull back the flood wall;3. Connect flood control walls;4. Fill the flood wall with soil or silt.To complete.

Product materials: high quality low carbon steel wire welding, excellent zinc plating process rust prevention, plus high quality geotextile packaging, final assembly and folding.

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