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Precautions for flood control safety
2018-06-19 16:49:35

It is necessary to pay attention to the occurrence of flood disaster during flood season,especially in cities with special geological environment.So what are the safety precautions of JOESCO Bastion?

Prepare for flood control,prepare necessary medical supplies,properly arrange the valuables,prepare necessary clothing,food,mineral water,ready to save and rescue,such as human and animal transferred to a safe place as soon as possible.If surrounded by the flood,you can take refuge on the roof,trees and other high places.Tie up wood or wooden furniture into a life raft: send a distress signal and wait for rescue.If possible,actively rescue the victims around.

In before the arrival of the flood,the most important is to choose the escape routes,the body of the object as soon as possible under the (near),easy to form a triangle space,small studio,supported out of the danger zone,don't hiking wading the fast-flowing,water depth is knee-high water stream.You can't drink the sewage from the flood.

To understand the flood disaster in time,formulate or adjust flood control countermeasures.In flood period nervous,when the weather forecast continuous rain or typhoon attack,in vulnerable to floods in the low-lying,flood detention zone or lakes,sea,river,more vigilant,pay attention to the change of water level at any time,timely understand the situation,take the appropriate measures to avoid or reduce the harm of flood.

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