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Military bunkers JOESCO blast walls | fortifications
2017-12-21 17:18:34

Our factory production JOESCO blast walls, exports North America, the Middle East, South America and other markets, there are national patent certification, the size of the product, the thickness of wire diameter, surface treatment and packaging materials are free to choose, manufacturers processing customized, large amount of discount!

Blast walls can be widely used in perimeter security and defense wall, revetment,explosives and contraband search area,ammunition compound materials, personnel,and bunkers, observation points,defensive firing positions,highway checkpoints,border checkpoint\protect the existing structure,the highway traffic management,flood control,river,emergency flood deployment,etc.

Structure features:blast walls is a kind of modern military stone cage net used for flood control explosion-proof,it consists of a connected boxes and non-woven fabrics.It can separate the use of a grid,and also can be used to connect.

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