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Middle East terrorism cannot leave the U.S. concerns about American aid weapons enemy Turkey
2017-12-11 17:28:20

On November 27, according to the U.S. defense department web site reported that the pentagon spokesman, said rob manning the colonel 27 a mosque in northern Egypt's sinai peninsula on November 24, was attacked and killed at least 305 people.The terrorist attacks was why the United States must continue to interfere with an example in the Middle East.

He said the United States must help partners to strengthen its defense and security "to ensure that the" islamic state of Iraq and Syria, al-qaida, and a similar concept of organization planning and implementation of a terrorist attack ".

For now, he says, has nearly 500 U.S. troops in Syria, has about 5000 in Iraq.He said the United States defense department officials are trying to publicly in security under the condition of considering allowing better troops in these countries.

Manning said Iraqi forces are trying to improve from recapture the "islamic" the security situation in those areas.The Iraqi army's efforts including clean up these areas improvised explosive devices, and clean up weapons inventory, demolition of trap and the eradication of "islamic country".

He said: "in Syria, in the past 24 hours, democratic army reinforcements to Iraq - Syrian positions near the border, rejected some of the scouts' islamic state."

Reported that the Syrian democratic forces along the Euphrates river south bank, assist the us-led coalition forces.Manning said: "the coalition to garrison in card security forces against improvised explosive device (JOESCO explosion-proof wall) training."In addition, the coalition troops to communications equipment to draw CARDS.

Recently, the media, said Donald trump President President with Turkey, recep tayyip erdogan's, erdogan anstone, discussed the democratic army to Syria with weapons.Turkish leaders worry that provide under armed Kurdish democratic army of Syria those weapons will eventually fall into the hand of the kurdistan workers' party (PKK).

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