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Joesco defensive barriers / defensive Barriers
2018-04-09 16:57:31

1.JOESCO defensive barriers,also named as Joesco bastion,Joesco defense wall,Joesco blast wall,Sand cage,Welded gabion box,Defense blast wall for military use,Wire mesh gabion box,Stone cage etc.

The JOESCO defensive barriers/Defensive Barriers is a kind of modern gabion for Military fortification and Flood control.It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner,it can be used in separate cell or some cells joint together .

JOESCO defensive barriers/Defensive Barriers is a prefabricated,multi-cellular system,made of zinc coated steel welded mesh and lined with non-woven geotextile.Units can be extended and joined using the provided joining pins.It is easy installed with using minimal manpower and commonly available equipment.After extended,it is filled into sand,stone,then Joesco barrier like a defence wall or bunker,it is widely use in military to protect safety.

2.JOESCO defensive barriers/Defensive Barriers Specifications 

Material:Low carbon steel wire,galvanized wire,zinc-Aluminum coated wire .

Wire diameter:3.0-6.0mm;

Spring Diameter:4.0mm

Mesh opening: 50*50mm,75*75mm, 76.2*76.2mm,100*100mm etc;

Geotextile: Heavy duty non-woven polypropylene; color : white,sand color,military Green

They also can be customized according to clients' requirement

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