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2017-06-12 16:43:17

    Since JOESCO first deployment in the military field of operations, till now,JOESCO barrier units have been adapted the meet a diverse range of military requirements partly in response to the experiences of all our customers. Special productions according to the customers'​ needs to meet the requirements. JOESCO has developed a range of products, each designed to protect against specific threats from small arms first and R R P G, to mortar bombs and rockets. Several designs have also been independently developed by military a agencies , the Military Experimental Base and relevant Military Academy. The development of the Extended Overhead protection system has resulted in the only field expedient system that provides remotes, land based military installations such as multiple cabin offices, living and dining quarters, command and communications posts or field hospitals, with all-round protection from both ground level and overhead attack. A standard JOESCO bunker system re-configured for use as an open ended bomb-bay, and constructed with modified JOESCO Barrier units. The units are manufactured using 5 mm wire to enhance their ability to support the weight of the soil filled roof.JOESCO is registered brand name in military barriers industry of China.If you need reasonable price with best quality same like Hesco, please look for JOESCO barriers,this is you best and wise choice.

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