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JOESCO military new blast walls
2018-03-05 17:01:59

How to use JOESCO Bastion to build fortifications?First is to put the equipment in place to build fortifications, then in engineering vehicles to a grid of loading within the sandbox sand, again by staff bag of sand for sorting and reinforcement.Complete these steps, a perfect works is completed.

JOESCO blast walls not only can be used as military bases around the walls, etc, also can be used to build the alert outposts, as a cautionary outposts protective facilities to provide protection for whistle on soldiers, the thickness of the wall have to withstand a firearms or damage the bomb fragment.Allegedly JOESCO blast walls in the beginning is not used to build fortifications, but to withstand the flood, later, American troops found the things, so start within a large number of popularity in the army.Using the blast walls built U.S. military bases, helicopter protective walls, the walls of the camp fence, roadblocks, etc., can say JOESCO blast walls by us forces to the place where all can use.

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