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JOESCO explosion-proof walls are easy to use
2018-07-18 16:51:42

  Many of the army's encampment sites have walls and other fortifications built through a special kind of thing.This is the JOESCO explosion-proof wall,or JOESCO for short.The materials used include galvanized steel mesh and polypropylene bag inside.It is usually made into a lattice sandbox one by one.

  With JOESCO blast walls to build fortifications is very simple,first is to put the equipment in place to build fortifications,then in engineering vehicles to a grid of loading within the sandbox sand,again by staff bag of sand for sorting and reinforcement.Complete these steps and a perfect job is done.

  JOESCO blast walls not only can be used as military bases around the walls,etc,also can be used to build the alert outposts,as a cautionary outposts protective facilities to provide protection for whistle on soldiers,the thickness of the wall have to withstand a firearms or damage the bomb fragment.

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