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JOESCO Bastion rises instantly to surround the city
2019-02-27 17:11:11

  JOESCO Bastions construction speed was amazing.Before that,soldiers had to manually fill sandbags to build defensive positions.The speed was slow and easy to be tired,and each person could fill up to 20 bags per hour.The efficiency of using large construction machinery to fill the blast wall unit with earth and stone is dozens of times higher than the former.In one day and night,bases, barracks and other facilities that can be built with traditional materials and construction methods can be built in weeks or even months.

  JOESCO explosion-proof wall unit is folded into a flat shape when being stored and transported,which saves a lot of space.At the same time,the weight of a single explosion-proof wall unit is very light, which can be carried by manual labor.Unfold and erect the folded JOESCO explosion-proof wall unit,and fix the two adjacent JOESCO explosion-proof wall units together with wire,so as to connect the single unit of the whole row of JOESCO explosion-proof wall into a whole wall.

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