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JOESCO Bastion one-stop procurement base
2017-09-29 17:48:25

1. The patent, the national patent products

With the People's Republic of China issued by the state intellectual property office utility model patent certificate

2. Environmental - filler widely available

Can be used as green JOESCO Bastion with green environmental protection To prevent soil erosion Landslides, measures such as filling material can be clay, living garbage, construction waste, in case of an emergency can effectively increase the progress

3. Convenient, optional repeatedly disassembling

Reasonable product design, can make the blast walls products repeatedly disassembling, changeless form, do not affect later use, the functions by numerous unanimous favorable comment of customer

4. After sales - the company backing

Perfect logistics distribution center, blast walls are exported to all over the world;Emergency special processing, to ensure that customer interests are not affected;

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