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JOESCO Bastion manufacturer | explosion-proof wall construction
2018-06-28 17:39:30

JOESCO blast wall is composed of two parts of the barbed wire and geotextile, barbed wire and consists of two parts, barbed wire and the wire spring, wire spring wire piece fixed into the cages loaded structure, the geotextile laid inside the cages with wire, let again after the cages in load map or stones will constitute the blast walls.

The explosion-proof wall wire produced by our company is produced by ourselves. No matter the quality and price, it has an absolute advantage and can be provided with various qualifications.Products and services stand the test.

Mesh: 75 x75mm

Wire diameter: 4mm(or customized according to the actual needs of customers)

The specific size of the net box is customized according to the needs of customers

Features: foldable, easy to install, easy to transport, highly mobile, easy to install, outstanding effect, conducive to recovery.

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