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JOESCO Bastion,high efficiency,easy to install
2018-03-08 17:30:55

    Blast wall consists of a folding of welded wire mesh container and heavy geotextile,fill in the sand,soil,and has the ability of resistance to blast,shock wave,can limit explosive damage to the wall of a certain range.JOESCO Bastion of burning materials should be adopted,and should not be as the main wall,its fireproof limit should not be less than 4h.

1.The blast walls can be filled with stones,not only can even more fine sediment,fill material use local materials,especially suitable for stone river downstream of the lack of or use on the seashore,flood control effect,effective protection of people's lives and property safety.

2.Also can be used as military equipment,can be applied to forces,used in explosion-proof,eod temporary fort,fort,command before the war,instead of traditional artificial trenches,block gun bullet attack effectively,effectively reducing soldiers and casualties.

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