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Hundreds of teams are preparing for the flood season
2018-06-14 17:58:07

The flood season has come and all cities have made preparations for flood control.

  Recently, the hangshan district made timely arrangements for the deployment of flood control, adhered to the principle of flood control and scientific flood control in accordance with the law, and did a good job in preventing and controlling flood from the four aspects of troop, material, responsibility and dredging, so as to ensure the safe flood control this year.

  The region further revised and improved the handan mountain flood prevention and drought relief emergency plan and the handan mountain flood control plan, and compiled the handan mountain flood control manual.At the same time, we will strengthen the construction of permanent and reserve teams for flood control and other rescue teams, with a total of 63 6200 members and 38 3,650 members.We will strengthen the stockpiling and management of materials for flood control and make timely replenishment of materials in short supply and aging.Up to now, there are 40 tons of steel tubular piles, 94 sledgehammers, 100 sets of joesco bastion, 5.6 tons of iron wire and 90,000 pieces of woven bags.There are 20,000 woven bags, 0.3 tons of wire and 3,500 pieces of shovel at the district level.The mass materials include 97,000 woven bags, 48 tons of steel pipes and 190 sledgehammers.It is divided into more than 30 flood control liability sections, such as zhizhanghe dike, fuyang river dike, zhu river and magnetic handan canal, and divides tasks and responsibilities into people.Check the safety hidden danger of key flood control projects such as river, ditch and sluice and culvert, and timely eliminate the hidden danger.We have actively invested manpower and material resources in the clean-up and dredging of rivers and canals, employed 2,279 people, 347 machines and 17,665 square meters of garbage, floating objects and silt.

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