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How to do a good job of flood control?
2017-08-10 17:54:27

Summer is the typhoon, the flood season, rainstorm debris flow and other natural disasters often happen, to do a good job of flood control and is particularly important, how should we to do a good job of flood control?

First, before the flood season is coming to the study of legal knowledge and flood control and flood control work related knowledge, flood control is one of people fighting against severe floods in social work.Study hard for the flood control and the various aspects of knowledge to improve their ability, let oneself can better do a good job after the flood season is coming. 

Second, carry out seriously concerned in check, and do the preparatory work, concerned do ideological understanding in place, flood control and responsibility, the organization measures are in place, communication facilities in place, flood control and material in place, the plan put in place.Especially for the quantity, the characteristics of mountainous area highway tunnels before flood season coming hardwood drains and tunnel import and export of drain carefully remove junk obstruction, make sure to normal drainage after flood season is coming.To do prevention first, want to have the consciousness of hardship in "on thin ice, terror" from the most bad, to the most good efforts to prevent, prepare necessary DaXun (JOESCO Bastion), rob big risks, the preparation of catastrophe.

Third, intensify patrolling on foot, in segment each road in the process of management personnel for their respective section foot patrols, sections of the safety problems in flood season and possible security section completes the detailed records, for the high slope of a detailed investigation on both sides of the road, on the need for reinforcement of local report in a timely manner.To nip in the bud.

Fourth, a comprehensive grasp of hydrologic and weather conditions accurately and in time, do a good job in forecasting, make scientific decisions.Occurrence and development of flood risk, there is a from scratch, from small to large changes in the process, as long as we will do our best to help prevent found in a timely manner, QiangHu measures properly, can be wiped out at an early stage.Finally, to strengthen the departments linkage, highways, high patrol and maintenance, and other units in flood season to strengthen contact and cooperate with each other.Want to talk about the general situation in the flood control work, discipline, unified command, coordination, solidarity.

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