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How to deal with tourism in mountain torrents?
2017-06-27 17:05:06

1. Keep calm and leave the low-lying areas, as soon as possible find the highlands, select favorable terrain.

2. The flood (JOESCO Bastion) comes, must not run in the valley direction, should be to the fastest speed to the left and right sides of the high withdrawal.

3. Transfer to quickly, don't lust after financial, the optimal hedging time delay.

4. Avoid transfer failed, should choose a safer place.Such as stable and solid rock or a tree to wait for rescue, and constantly to send signals to the outside world.

5. To maintain collective action with the other passengers were trapped, obey management personnel's command, not to act alone, to avoid the unknown.

6. In any case, cannot be easily wading across the river.

7. If you can as soon as possible, should be quickly to the administrative departments of the local police.

8. If you don't know the local tourism departments or scenic spot contact way, can hit 110, 119, 120 call request.

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