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How to deal with the flood control and
2017-08-16 17:57:46

Recent rain more,to better prevent flooding accident,avoid disaster,the following article provides some flood control measures:

(1) of the storm,close the doors and Windows,prevent the rain into the house,once into the water,immediately shut off the power and gas equipment. 

(2) to cut off the low-lying land with dangerous outdoor power supply. 

(3) don't go underground passage or overpass the passage below. 

(4) do not walk in the water, 15 cm depth of water can make people fall down.

(5) found in mountain, such as sediment, fast-flowing, opacity and inclusions can be an early sign of flash floods, should leave the stream or river. 

(6) driving should be opened during the storm rain fog lamps, slow down, pay attention to the prevention of mountain flood, avoid water and landslides. 

(7) pay attention to the street power facilities, such as a wire slide, instantly away from the power sector and immediately report. 

(8) such as home may appear serious water, should be evacuated, to a safe place. 

(9) meet danger, please call 110 for help. 

(10) flood season comes, can be installed ahead of the flood control equipment JOESCO Bastion, etc.

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