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How to avoid mountain flood?
2018-06-20 16:28:32

· when suddenly hit by a mountain flood, choose the nearest safe route and run quickly sideways along the hillside.

· don't swim easily to avoid being swept away by mountain floods.

· if JOESCO Bastion is in a critical situation, it is necessary to try to send a distress signal. At the same time, it is necessary to make the best use of floating objects such as boats, wooden rows, door panels and wooden beds for water transfer.

What should heavy rain driving pay attention to?

· slippery road in rainy days, pay attention to slow speed and avoid side sliding.

· the section with unknown water depth should be observed from the vehicle to ensure safe and low-speed passing;If the water depth exceeds the height of the exhaust pipe, make a direct detour.

· when the vehicle wanders in the water, turn on the headlights and "double flashing", and keep a large distance from the vehicle in front of it.

· in case of heavy rain and the weather becomes dark, the owner should also turn on the near-light and fog-proof lights in time.When driving on the highway, it is best to turn on the "double flash" to remind the rear car to keep the distance.

· when the car is stalled in deep water, do not start up again to prevent the engine from getting into water, and get off to high place to avoid danger.

· when the vehicle falls into the water and cannot hit the door of the car, it shall immediately use the rescue hammer and other percussion tools to hit four corners of the side window to break the glass and escape.

How should thunderstorm weather be handled?

· in case of thunderstorm when going out, squat down and keep your feet together to reduce the harm caused by step voltage;Beware of the collapse of a dilapidated house.

· do not shelter from the rain under trees, walls and rocks, and do not stay in the thunderstorm with metal objects;Don't ride your bicycle in a thunderstorm.

· keep doors and Windows closed and away from metal pipes and pipes connected to the roof.

· try not to use telephone communication or Internet access. Power should be cut off and metal wires such as telephone wires should be removed.

· check the iron wire in the laundry to ensure that it is not close to the window or door frame to prevent the wire from causing thunder.

· don't shower with a shower when there is lightning.

· when waterlogging occurs in the house, water baffles, sandbags or soil barriers can be placed at the door;When water enters the room, the power should be cut off immediately to prevent the water from being charged.

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