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How do flood season in flood disaster
2017-06-10 16:36:40

Meet the flood measures taken is immediately boarded the first strong high-rise building safety, and then to get in touch with rescue departments.At the same time, pay attention to collect all kinds of debris, wood basin, good tools can escape from danger.Analyze the cause of the flood are missing, on the one hand is the flood flow is big, off guard.On the other hand is because some people don't understand water and venture wade.It is important to note that so, the flood did not understand the hydrologic information must be on the safe side and wait for help.

1, general should choose in recent from their shelter, higher ground, the transportation is convenient, and plumbing facilities, health condition is good.Mostly in the form of high-rise buildings in cities flat roof, higher ground or have strong building schools, hospitals, etc.

2, will suit is put to the high and cold preservation;Will be inconvenient to carry valuables do waterproof strapping, buried or implantation after high fare, jewelry and other items can be sewn in the clothing.

3, copper raft, and collect the tub, floating materials such as wood processing for life-saving equipment for a rainy day.Flooding is difficult to find suitable for drinking water, so the flood (Joesco bastion) before available to the tub, water tools such as bucket supply clean drinking water.

4, ready to medicine, the article such as fire;Keep good communication facilities of various can use can keep good communication with the outside world, transport links.

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