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Have you got these flood control measures?
2019-05-07 16:59:27

    Production and business operation entities: non-coal mine mountains shall,according to the geological conditions and hydrological changes of the mining area,monitor the water catchment and leakage of the mining area and the surface water system nearby,strengthen the inspection and investigation,and ensure the normal operation of the drainage and flood discharge system.Hazardous chemical enterprises should strengthen the monitoring of temperature, pressure and other parameters of production,storage and transportation facilities.Manage lightning protection and anti-static management of hazardous chemicals and fireworks production,operation and storage,and install Joesco Bastion and other devices in advance.In case of thunderstorm,stop loading and unloading oil and gas tanks.Construction enterprises should promptly investigate the landslide,collapse,debris flow and other geological hazards at the construction site, implement anti-wind and anti-slip measures for hoisting equipment,strictly prohibit outdoor high-altitude work during the influence of thunderstorm and high wind,strictly prevent the collapse of scaffolding,foundation pit and other accidents.Labor-intensive sites and municipal power supply units shall promptly check the safety of electricity facilities and strictly prevent the occurrence of water-related electric shock accidents.

    The general public: timely attention to the observatory issued a short time near the meteorological warning information,when the rain should reduce travel.When you have to go out or have been on the road,you should pay attention to observe the road conditions,away from overhead lines,transformers and other high-voltage power equipment, avoid crossing the flooded area,do not contact exposed wires,so as to avoid electric shock.Close doors and Windows,prevent rain water into the house,once the water immediately shut off power,gas and other equipment!

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