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Flood control and flood prevention
2019-05-22 17:36:32

Besides arranging JOESCO flood wall in advance,what common sense should be paid attention to?

(1) in heavy rain driving should turn on the rain fog lights,slow down, pay attention to the prevention of mountain torrents,avoid water and landslides section.

(2) when the storm comes,close the doors and Windows to prevent the rain water from entering the house.Once the water enters the house,shut off the power supply,gas and other equipment immediately.

(3) pay attention to the power facilities in the street.If there is any power line slipping, get away from it immediately and report to the power department.

(4) cut off outdoor power supply with danger in low-lying areas.

(5) if the residence is seriously flooded,it should be evacuated to a safe place for temporary shelter.

(6) do not use underpasses or underpasses under viaducts.

(7) in case of danger,please call 110 for help.

(8) do not walk in water, 15 cm deep water can make people fall.

(9) stay away from streams or channels in mountainous areas where rapid flow,turbidity and silt may be precursors of flash floods.

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