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An earthquake hit yibin city in sichuan province
2019-06-18 16:49:10

  Thirteen people have been killed and 200 injured in the 6.0-magnitude earthquake that hit changning county in yibin, sichuan,Sunday.What methods should we master in the face of earthquake?JOESCO blast wall takes you to learn next.

  In the face of the earthquake must master shock absorbers should remember,if indoors, shock absorbers to choose indoor solid,can cover the body next to the object,easy to form a triangular space.Body squat, as far as possible curl,lower the center of gravity,at the same time to grasp the table legs and other solid objects.Remember to protect the head!Never jump off a building or take an elevator to escape!Choose open Spaces outside,away from tall buildings.If trapped in the debris,stay calm and conserve energy.Try to get your hands out of the rubble and send out a distress signal!

  Finally,we salute the rescuers!Hats off to the hero!Pay attention to prevent aftershocks may all be safe!

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