New Zealand mosque shooting shocks world

A gunman in New Zealand has shot dead innocent worshippers as he went on a shooting spree at mosques.
Authorities in New Zealand have confirmed that 49 people have been killed in shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.
Local police are searching for the suspects and are urging people in the area to stay indoors.Prime minister jacinda ardern said it was the “darkest” day in New Zealand’s history.
The Chinese consulate general in Christchurch also released a statement on the afternoon of October 15, saying that gunmen had created a shooting incident (Joesco bastion) near the mosque in the center of the city of Christchurch.According to media reports, there are many casualties and the gunman is at large.The Chinese consulate general in Christchurch is in active contact with the Croatian city government and the Canterbury police department to find out whether there are Chinese citizens among the victims.
Here, the Chinese consulate general in Christchurch solemnly reminds Chinese citizens in Christchurch to pay attention to safety, stay away from the incident, avoid going to crowded places, and try to stay at home or stay indoors.In case of any suspicious situation, report it to the local police station in time.

Chinese version of JOESCO explosion-proof wall engineering weapon

Building a fortress used to take months, even years.But with this technology, an army of any country can build a sturdy barracks with all the equipment in almost a matter of days.

JOESCO bastion, a modern stone cage made by JOESCO, can be used to build temporary breakwaters to prevent water damage or as fortifications for the army.Originally designed to prevent levees from eroding, along with flood control and water control, it was later used by the U.S. military to build forts for troops.

What is JOESCO locklock sandbag?

JOESCO locklock sandbag,also known as Joesco Bastion,is a modern metal mesh used for flood control and military fortifications.It consists of a collapsible screen container and heavy geotextiles that are used as temporary or semi-permanent barriers or fortresses to block or small attacks.Application: perimeter security and defensive walls,equipment revetment,personnel and material shelters, observation points,road checkpoints, border checkpoints,protection of existing structures,highway traffic management,flood control,river emergency flood control deployment erosion control retaining walls.
Features: easy to handle and install,high strength and impact resistance,long life,can be filled with sand,cement,stone,soil in normal use.

What are the advantages of electric welding stone cage net?

Electric welding stone cage net is actually the premise of the production of JOESCO Bastion material,widely used in the military field,do the use of protection!
1. Electric welding stone cage net surface smooth and neat,mesh uniform,solid solder joint,has a strong fastness,corrosion resistance,permeability and integrity and other advantages.
2. Welding stone cage net low cost,easy to install.
3. Strong ability to resist natural damage and adverse weather effects.
4. Excellent tensile resistance.
5 welding stone cage net site installation is simple,fast and convenient and beautiful structure, saving time and labor, high efficiency.

JOESCO portable explosion-proof wall for military use is more professional

Military portable explosion-proof wall (JOESCO portable explosion-proof wall) professional manufacturers,the troops with portable explosion-proof wall is to use hot dip galvanized steel wire welding assembled,lined with non-woven fabric can then was in the stone,sand is used to cover military exercises the body,such as JOESCO blast walls of ten kinds of commonly used specifications,use convenient portable explosion-proof wall in at any time,after the military drills can also be moved to other place to continue to use,portable explosion-proof portable explosion-proof wall type specifications very much,Our company can customize it according to the drawings or customers’requirements. JOESCO portable explosion-proof wall manufacturers have fast delivery,timely delivery, good quality and low price. Customers from all circles are welcome to call us for consultation,and we will offer you a quotation of 0311-81133505 within 24 hours.

JOESCO Bastion rises instantly to surround the city

JOESCO Bastion’s construction speed was amazing.Before that,soldiers had to manually fill sandbags to build defensive positions.The speed was slow and easy to be tired,and each person could fill up to 20 bags per hour.The efficiency of using large construction machinery to fill the blast wall unit with earth and stone is dozens of times higher than the former.In one day and night,bases, barracks and other facilities that can be built with traditional materials and construction methods can be built in weeks or even months.
JOESCO explosion-proof wall unit is folded into a flat shape when being stored and transported,which saves a lot of space.At the same time,the weight of a single explosion-proof wall unit is very light, which can be carried by manual labor.Unfold and erect the folded JOESCO explosion-proof wall unit,and fix the two adjacent JOESCO explosion-proof wall units together with wire,so as to connect the single unit of the whole row of JOESCO explosion-proof wall into a whole wall.

Day and night for the city of JOESCO blast wall

No matter what the shape of the war,the infantry is an essential element of ground combat.For infantry without iron wings or armour,a solid shelter provides extra protection and security.Therefore,JOESCO explosion-proof wall emerged at the right moment.
JOESCO Bastion is composed of a large number of single units,with a variety of specifications available for the user to choose from.The biggest advantage of explosion-proof wall is that it can use local materials, such as sand,gravel and pebbles.At the same time,the construction speed of explosion-proof walls was amazing.Before that,soldiers had to manually fill sandbags to construct defensive positions. The speed was slow and easy to be tired.The efficiency of using large construction machinery to fill the interior of JOESCO explosion wall unit with earth and stone is dozens of times higher than the former.In one day and night, bases, barracks and other facilities built with traditional materials and construction methods can be built in weeks or even months.

JOESCO-QS7 has the strongest energy absorption to shock wave

JOESCO Bastion have multiple models and modules, is easy to carry,fast installation, color diversity, variety structure,advanced features such as fast roll-up,so JOESCO than traditional sand is more widely used, can be used to form: warehouse,shooting range, dormitory, ammunition,command post, oil depot, equipment room, garage,hangar,temporary warehouse,bomb,field hospitals and checkpoints by military fortifications,protective barrier,can rapidly form a different scale of the camp,the camp or military fortifications,has been recognized by the United Nations and the military,and has set up a spend a lot of use.
Main features:
Break through the traditional thinking mode,abandon the traditional way of embankment,sandbag embankment,mound embankment,plate embankment,etc.,use a new,fast,economic,environmental protection disaster prevention and reduction products;Group dam fast,wide adaptability;Folding packaging is easy to store and transport,highly mobile,is a field filling sand wall,easy to install,prominent effect,conducive to recycling and reuse,green environmental protection feature

How much are American infantry lives worth?1.33 million two finger big drone,buy 300 million at a stretch

The recently awarded a contract for micro-unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) to enhance the infantry’s small-scale combat capabilities as part of a pilot program to validate future infantry-based information operations.The total amount of the contract is not bad,reaching 269 million yuan.But the unit price,a tiny helicopter not much bigger than a finger,was quoted at 270,000 yuan.And a complete set of black bumblebee uav system,including two drones,remote display terminal,charging seat,the price is more reached 1.325 million.
Because of its small size,the drone is low in noise and difficult to detect.But again,with a very limited battery capacity,it can support up to 25 minutes of flight.Its main function is to send back real-time video, as well as static photos;The longest transmission distance is claimed to be 2 kilometers.But even considering the small size of the uav,it must be very difficult and costly to detect and transmit the video data at 2km with encryption.However,the price is really very expensive.
In recent years,the popularity of small and micro uavs has had a subversive impact on the tactical system of infantry combat.The idea that such low-level,small-scale infantry groups could be supported by air intelligence at any time,even though it had been envisioned in the U.S.military for many years,was not new.But true maturity, however,is relying on cheap civilian drones – especially the popularity of quadcopter aircraft,the formation of a spontaneous battlefield in various countries.
The biggest problem that used to plague the decision-making of JOESCO is where the enemy is,where they are going, and where their observation and firepower are weak.The side with drones is playing tactical games from god’s perspective.It would be difficult to shoot down these small aircraft with a firearm,and even if they were shot down,they would be able to quickly resupply drones because of their small size and low cost.