Another explosion in a factory building killed six people and five are still under rescue

Yesterday 19:55,henan kaifeng weishi county fire brigade command center alarm: the county xu mei biotechnology co.,LTD. Plant inside a production device explosion.Fire and rescue workers found the device was a double-decker tank that burst into flames,shattering glass inside the plant and trapping six people.Fire and rescue workers quickly searched for the trapped people and brought the fire under control.At about 21 o ‘clock,the scene disposal was completed,5 people had no vital signs,1 person was sent to hospital and died in vain.Five others are in hospital.The cause of the accident is under investigation.

In order to avoid casualties,the workshop must be equipped with explosion-proof facilities,such as joesco bastion.

An earthquake hit yibin city in sichuan province

Thirteen people have been killed and 200 injured in the 6.0-magnitude earthquake that hit changning county in yibin, sichuan,Sunday.What methods should we master in the face of earthquake?JOESCO blast wall takes you to learn next.
In the face of the earthquake must master shock absorbers should remember,if indoors, shock absorbers to choose indoor solid,can cover the body next to the object,easy to form a triangular space.Body squat, as far as possible curl,lower the center of gravity,at the same time to grasp the table legs and other solid objects.Remember to protect the head!Never jump off a building or take an elevator to escape!Choose open Spaces outside,away from tall buildings.If trapped in the debris,stay calm and conserve energy.Try to get your hands out of the rubble and send out a distress signal!
Finally,we salute the rescuers!Hats off to the hero!Pay attention to prevent aftershocks may all be safe!

Shijiazhuang water conservancy department has done flood season flood and drought disaster prevention

Our city enters flood season in June.In order to effectively reduce the risk of flood and drought disasters,the municipal water conservancy department earnestly performs the duties of monitoring and early warning of flood and drought conditions,dispatching of water projects and technical support for emergency rescue,and make solid preparations for flood and drought disaster prevention to ensure the safety of flood season and the safety of people’s lives and property.

Since this year,the city’s water conservancy departments invested 9 million yuan, vigorously carry out emergency flood relief project construction.At the same time, the linkage mechanism of meteorological, hydrological and water conservancy monitoring has been established,and the rain water condition facilities and equipment of more than 140 reservoirs,river water level monitoring stations and more than 360 rainfall stations in the city have been maintained and debugged.In order to ensure the safe operation of the project,this year the city completed the 239 large and medium-sized reservoirs gate crane equipment and standby power commissioning test run, at the same time to cover (Joesco flood control wall) not able to finish before wading river course project under construction,to urge the construction unit to establish the emergency flood control scheme,in order to ensure the engineering safety,personnel safety provide basic protection.

This year,the city set up a flood and drought disaster prevention expert pool to provide emergency technical support.Relying on technical staff with deputy senior titles or above in technical support units such as municipal bureau of hydrology,design institute and engineering company,we have set up three expert groups on water situation prediction,water project scheduling and water project rescue,with a total of more than 50 people.Water conservancy departments of all counties (cities and districts) have completed the establishment of expert bases for flood and drought disaster prevention based on local conditions,providing powerful technical support for flood fighting and emergency rescue.

What are the advantages of explosion-proof mesh?

Joesco Bastion, so what are the advantages?
1. Explosion-proof network has the advantages of smooth and tidy surface,uniform mesh holes,firm solder joints,strong firmness,corrosion resistance,permeability and integrity.
2. Low cost,easy to install,widely used in the military field.
3. Have a strong ability to resist natural damage and the impact of adverse climate.
4. Excellent tensile strength.
5. The site installation of explosion-proof network is simple,quick and convenient,with beautiful structure,time-saving and labor-saving,and high work efficiency.

Flood protection locks sandbags

Protective Joesco Bastion features: easy to transport folding packaging,strong mobility,easy to install,outstanding effect,conducive to recycling.
The Joesco Bastion and the traditional stone cage net (stone basket) is different,not only can be filled with stone,even can be filled with finer sand,filling materials local materials,especially suitable for the lack of stone in the river downstream or coastal use.With the help of advanced tools such as excavators and forklifts,the installation efficiency is dozens or even hundreds of times that of traditional sandbags.Joesco lock sandbag has been quite popular in Europe, America and other developed countries,but it is little known in China at present.Especially in the recent oil spill in the gulf of Mexico,our products have played a very important role.

Flood control and flood prevention

Besides arranging JOESCO flood wall in advance,what common sense should be paid attention to?
(1) in heavy rain driving should turn on the rain fog lights,slow down, pay attention to the prevention of mountain torrents,avoid water and landslides section.
(2) when the storm comes,close the doors and Windows to prevent the rain water from entering the house.Once the water enters the house,shut off the power supply,gas and other equipment immediately.
(3) pay attention to the power facilities in the street.If there is any power line slipping, get away from it immediately and report to the power department.
(4) cut off outdoor power supply with danger in low-lying areas.
(5) if the residence is seriously flooded,it should be evacuated to a safe place for temporary shelter.
(6) do not use underpasses or underpasses under viaducts.
(7) in case of danger,please call 110 for help.
(8) do not walk in water, 15 cm deep water can make people fall.
(9) stay away from streams or channels in mountainous areas where rapid flow,turbidity and silt may be precursors of flash floods.

What does it include?

Flood season approaching how to prepare flood control materials, what should be prepared?

1. Flood control materials mainly involve flood control and emergency materials,which is the abbreviation of flood control and emergency materials mainly including two categories: flood control and emergency tools and equipment and flood control equipment and materials.
2. Flood control tools and materials for flood control equipment, including:
(1) special rescue equipment: stone ripper,piling machine;
(2) transport equipment: tractors,dump trucks,automobiles and barges;
(3) mechanical equipment: bulldozer,scraper,excavator,loader,compaction machinery;
(4) lighting equipment: emergency hand-held light,diesel generator set,gasoline generator;
(5) communication system: inmarsat system,life-saving equipment,non-inflatable life jacket,inflatable life jacket,automatic drowning lifejacket,water safety belt,fiberglass lifeboat;
(6) sand and stone: sand,gravel,stone,stone;
(7) blocking equipment: sandbag,flood control wall;
(8) geosynthetic materials: 4 categories of geotextiles,geotextiles and geotextiles composite materials and geotextiles special materials.

Flood season encountered debris flow,landslide how to save themselves?

Now has entered the flood season,in addition to well prepared in advance joesco Bastion and sandbag should also know how to rescue themselves when encountering debris flow,landslide?
One,When the landslide occurs,if you are in a non-landslide area, do not panic,and report the details of the disaster to relevant government departments and units as soon as possible,so as to do their own safety protection work;
Two,when the landslide occurs,such as is in the landslide of the mountain,should escape to the direction of both sides of the landslide,and as soon as possible to find a safe area around.When unable to continue to escape,should quickly cling to the surrounding trees and other fixed objects;
Three.When the landslide occurs,if you are driving past the landslide area,pay attention to all kinds of dangers that may appear on the road at any time,such as falling stones,branches and so on.Check the road ahead to see if there are landslides,gullies,etc.,to avoid danger;
Four,when the mountain landslide,can avoid under the shelter of a solid,or squat in the ridge,ditch.Should pay attention to protect the head,can use the clothing around the head.

Have you got these flood control measures?

Production and business operation entities: non-coal mine mountains shall,according to the geological conditions and hydrological changes of the mining area,monitor the water catchment and leakage of the mining area and the surface water system nearby,strengthen the inspection and investigation,and ensure the normal operation of the drainage and flood discharge system.Hazardous chemical enterprises should strengthen the monitoring of temperature, pressure and other parameters of production,storage and transportation facilities.Manage lightning protection and anti-static management of hazardous chemicals and fireworks production,operation and storage,and install Joesco Bastion and other devices in advance.In case of thunderstorm,stop loading and unloading oil and gas tanks.Construction enterprises should promptly investigate the landslide,collapse,debris flow and other geological hazards at the construction site, implement anti-wind and anti-slip measures for hoisting equipment,strictly prohibit outdoor high-altitude work during the influence of thunderstorm and high wind,strictly prevent the collapse of scaffolding,foundation pit and other accidents.Labor-intensive sites and municipal power supply units shall promptly check the safety of electricity facilities and strictly prevent the occurrence of water-related electric shock accidents.
The general public: timely attention to the observatory issued a short time near the meteorological warning information,when the rain should reduce travel.When you have to go out or have been on the road,you should pay attention to observe the road conditions,away from overhead lines,transformers and other high-voltage power equipment, avoid crossing the flooded area,do not contact exposed wires,so as to avoid electric shock.Close doors and Windows,prevent rain water into the house,once the water immediately shut off power,gas and other equipment!

Canada was flooded because JOESCO Bastion was not installed in advance

Montreal declared a state of emergency on Monday, following Ottawa,the capital,where spring floods threatened to flood Canada.
Ottawa officials reportedly said they expected the water level to be about half a meter higher than its peak in 2017.Eastern Canada was hit by the worst flooding in half a century in 2017,causing about c $230 million in insurance claims in Ontario and Quebec.
According to reports, nearly 5,500 homes in Quebec have been hit by spring floods. More than 1,000 people have been evacuated.1,000 soldiers are on standby and flood control facilities,such as sandbags and JOESCO Bastion,have been prepared.