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JOESCO barbed tape concertina mobile barrier
2017-05-24 09:04:36

JOESCO barbed tape concertina mobile barrier

Rapid security barrier applications:

Base camps, no-go areas, embassies, court rooms, military stop lines,streets, buildings, etc.
Barriers may either be manually or mechanically recovered for re-use.The same barriers have been deployed and recovered over 5000 times.
Equipment is supplied to uplift and re-compress the barrier into modules, simple to handle and compact to store.
A single carrier unit can be quickly refilled to drop many kilometers of security
fence barrier in a short space of time.
Systems can be tailored to meet customers exact requirements.
No police or military organizations can afford to be without this valuable tool,which substantially increases the effectiveness of forces on the ground, by providing a rapidly deployed security fence solution.

Measurements and specifications of the wires:  

1. The dragging system (NATO STANDERDS) 76 MM with manual brakes to use in the stoppage. 
2. 5 clutches ferrous to put wires together .
3. Taking into account the ease of dropping down the wire from vehicle during the opening of the wires and collecting it .
4. The blade is special type according to NATO STANDERDS :#5660-99-371-1515
5. The wires loop made of stainless steel-clip dovetail type
6. The weight of the empty trailer without wires is 1200 kg
7. Width of the trailer with the wires 230cm ,width of the rolls when deploying 140 cm.
8. Height between barbed wires and ground when deploying 155cm .length 75 meter.
9. The Wight of the tools box and other additional equipment like clutches and flash lights is 20 KG.
10.The total weight for the barbed wires and the additional equipment like tools box ,frame,clutches ,flash light 1300 kg.
11. 50 kg of the total load for safety.

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